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Love Lab – TV Batch

720p: Torrent | DDL

Your face when we haven’t batched anything but DxD from Summer 2013.
Truly a cursed season.
We’ll be batch fixing it in the Blurays. We’ve already done so for Vol.01 and will continue for 02+.
This batch is just a collection of the episodes for easier downloading.
Now, only 20 batches to go. ;_;

Translator: convexity, Crunchyroll
Editor: ryuu_zer0
Timer: archdeco
Typesetter: Eien, nINJAkECIL
Encoder: Yuyu, jacques
QC: ClamXtX

Love Lab – Vol.01

720p: Torrent | DDL
1080p: Torrent | DDL

Releasing this reminds me of how we still haven’t batched Love Lab.
I probably should just throw a direct batch out sometime soon,
seeing how we’re only fixing the mistakes when we get to them in the BDs.

We’re working on the Thursday shows, and they should be out soon™.