1. DmonHiro

    Thanks for the list, I was gonna pick Hagure instead of KonoImo. Seems you’ll do that one too. I’ll take Campione then.

  2. dark

    I take that you guys have new sources since the last one burst? Seem to me someone is slowly taking up the post left behind by “God”. The same person who upload vol 2 Dakara still uploading sth else.

  3. Vy.V

    i dont know if this is an error but,
    in the preview of both eps … the green font for translation of words “Episode #” seems to be cut off at the start and end.
    is it meant to?

  4. macxxx007


    Thanks so much… better late than never, I guess… CAN’T WAIT FOR THE REST! THANKS AGAIN!

  5. Nebi

    Is something up with the sub tracks? I tried 3 different players as well as extracting and attempting to hardcode the subs, but they won’t show up!

    The only way I’ve been able to get them to work is by manually loading them after extracting while playing the video…

  6. Nebi

    No idea what is happening. Now the are working fine except I still can’t hardcode them, which is what I’d like to do…

    Nothing shows up when I encode them together, and I’m doing it the same way I have been for other shows. But the tracks from FFF for some reason refuse to hardcode…

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